What is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room is a fun team activity for small groups of people. You are in a room with a special topic, in which you have to solve riddles and tasks which lead you through the story of the room.

You and your group have one hour to accomplish this task.

What is the price?

The price per person is:

2 person team ‒ 450 kr
3 person team ‒ 400 kr
4 person team ‒ 350 kr
5-8 person team ‒ 300 kr

We offer 20% student discount.

What age range is the room designed for?

The Escape Room is designed for adults and teenagers. However, we have experienced that this is a fun and exciting games for people from 10 up to 99. Customers under the age of 15 have to be accompanied by an adult. If you are unsure which room to pick for younger customers, please contact our staff.

Can we be more people than recommended on your homepage?

Yes you can but it is not recommended. This is because the room has a limited size and there are only so many tasks to complete, thereby by being a too large group, someone might be standing passively, not getting the fully extended experience of the room and game.

Is it possible to make an appointment outside opening hours or the set time?

Yes we are usually able to accommodate your request, but for this you need to contact us by phone or email and we will make the arrangements if possible, depending on what is pre-booked that day.

Is it possible for disabled customers to get to your location?

Our main location in Prinsens gate 10 we do not have a elevator to accommodate wheelchairs and/or strollers. But we are happy to say that in Carl Johans gate 12, we have a elevator and are more than happy to welcome you.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes! You can buy gift cards for any amount (min 200 kr). Our gift cards are vaild one year, and can be used in any of Reality Adventures current and future Escape Rooms (currently The Cure and The Magic School).

Visit one of our locations, Prinsens gate 10A or Carl Johans gate 12, and set up a meeting through e-mail or phone if you want to make sure that we are available.

Is there a safe place to store valuables and coats/bags while playing?

Yes. In Carl Johans gate, we have free cabinets with a key where you may store all valuables while you are playing. In Prinsens gate you can take your valuables into the room.

Are there restroom facilities at the location?

Yes we have restrooms on the locations.

Is the room in english?

Yes, all elements in the room are in english.

What is Reality Adventures?

Reality Adventures was created as a cooperation between the well-established escape rooms Escape Reality and Escape Adventures with the goal to create Trondheim's most immersive and interactive escape room experience.

Based on years of experience in story-telling and engineering, our escape rooms take you into another world and make your event unforgettable.