Disarm the bomb

at your location for up to 100 persons
Your venue

Are you and your team able to disarm the bomb before the time runs out?
Spread around this location there are hidden a variety of tasks and electronic puzzles to solve, hunting the complete code that will enable you to disarm the bomb. A tailor-made setup for your company where we bring the game to your location.
An intense, explosive and fun experience you`ll never forget.

The plot

You have been challenged by the mentally unstable «Morden Crow». Only you have the ability to disarm the bomb that, at this very moment, threatens thousands of lives. To win this game, you have to solve all of the puzzles set by «Crow». This will be an intense battle against time, solving a variety of tasks and puzzles that are demanding cleverness, coordination, and not to mention team-work.

How the game works

  • The tasks and puzzles will be adapted to the location and number of players.
  • Our employees will perform a thourough briefing with the competitors, informing how the game is played and which rules to follow.
  • The group will be splitted into small teams up to 6 people.
  • The teams will be solving a variety of tasks and puzzles spread around the location. After each completed task they will have a piece of the code needed to disarm the bomb.
  • They have 60 minutes alltogether to complete all the tasks and disarm the bomb.

Tasks and puzzles

We have a number of tasks and something for everyone. They vary from codebreaking to more physical tasks and labyrinths.

Who this is suited for

We have the capacity to entertain groups, ranging from 20 – 120 people.
The setup is excellent for:

  • Company arrangements
  • Team-buildings
  • Kickoffs
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Christmas parties/ social gatherings of any kind

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