The Magic School

Reality Adventures Escape Room Trondheim Magic School

Group size: 2 - 8

The headmaster of the magic school has disappeared. You are a group of students at the school who sneak into his office and try to solve the mystery of his disappearance.

Figure out the secrets before the time runs out. Are you fast enough?

Prinsens gate 10A


The Cure

Reality Adventures Escape Room Trondheim The Cure

Group size: 2 - 7

An unknown brain virus has changed a large portion of the population into zombies, with a constant hunger for human flesh.

You and your team must finish a sample of the cure. But be careful, a horde of zombies has been seen heading in your direction.

Carl Johans gate 12


Behind Bars

Reality Adventures Escape Room Trondheim Behind Bars

Group size: 2 - 6

You and your gang were caught in the act of stealing an enormous diamond of the wealthy antiques dealer Alistair P. Morgan.

You are now placed in custody at the local police precinct and you will be transferred to a maximum security prison in the morning. You have only one chance to get away and delete the evidence.

Carl Johans gate 12


Booking Information

To visit us, you have to book the escape game in advance.

After the introduction, your team has one hour to solve the riddles and quests in the room.

Price per person:

2 person team ‒ 450 kr
3 person team ‒ 400 kr
4 person team ‒ 350 kr
5-8 person team ‒ 300 kr

We offer 20% student discount.

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Location - The Cure / Behind Bars

Carl Johans gt 12
7010 Trondheim
+47 72 60 00 18

Location - Magic school

Prinsens gate 10A
7012 Trondheim
+47 72 60 00 18